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Get top-level executive support for 50-80% less than hiring in-house.

Selected by a meticulous screening process, our fully remote ProAssistants provide high-level executive assistant support to C-suite leaders, entrepreneurs, board directors, business owners, and known personalities across the U.S.

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I’ve been with ProAssisting for over five years and recommend them to anyone looking for remote executive assistant support.

Karen Finerman | CNBC’s Fast Money Contributor & NY Times Best Selling Author, “Finerman’s Rules,” Board Member

I was thrilled to find high-level EA support that meets my needs through ProAssisting, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Barbara Yastine | Former CEO & Chair of Ally Bank, Independent Director, and Investor

ProAssisting made finding a high-performing, trustworthy, and experienced assistant incredibly simple.

John M. Connolly | Founder and Managing Director, Eaglehead Capital

I have been with them for over five years now and highly recommend their remote executive assistants to anyone who longs for their previous right-hand support.

Lizabeth Zlatkus | Former C-suite Executive at The Hartford & current Non-Executive Board Director

I trust ProAssisting immensely, and I recommend them highly to any executive who wants a trustworthy and discrete professional.

Robert Sofia | Founder, Chairman & CEO of Snappy Kraken

I could not have anything better to say about ProAssisting. They paired me with the perfect executive assistant within minutes of our first meeting.

Dr. Sarah Breen | Chief Operating Officer, Epic F.I.T. Network
Virtual Assistant ProAssisting Full-Time Executive Assistant
Cost $5+ per hour $3K per month $7.5K+ per month
Capabilities Basic administrative tasks Advanced administrative and strategic support Advanced administrative and strategic support
Experience Limited Extensive Extensive
Responsiveness Variable, may not prioritize urgent tasks Prompt and proactive Prompt and proactive
Quality of Work Inconsistent Consistently high-quality Consistently high-quality
Scope of Work Limited to basic administrative tasks Wide range, including strategic planning and project management Wide range, including strategic planning and project management
Personalization Minimal Tailored to individual needs Tailored to individual needs
US based Unlikely Yes Yes
Turnover rate High Low Low
Turn around times Can take until the next working day to acknowledge a message Responds to requests promptly Responds to requests promptly
After-hours support Varies Atypical situations or when traveling Depends
Extra charges None All-inclusive pricing Benefits, equipment, and additional costs related to full-time employees
Location Remote Fully remote In-house

Save time.
Save money.
Save your sanity.

Hire a ProAssistant
Before ProAssisting
After ProAssisting
Upwards of 30% of your working hours are devoted to tasks you could outsource.
You have more time to focus on strategy, closing new deals, or expanding existing business.
You're swallowed up by meetings, frequently double booked, and spending more time than you'd like staring at your inbox.
Your calendar and inbox are protected. Your ProAssistant represents you in meetings you can't attend and organizes, prioritizes, and even responds to emails on your behalf.
Chores like scheduling medical appointments and making travel arrangements take your focus away from more pressing matters.
Your ProAssistant manages the administrative aspects of scheduling and appointment coordination.
You’re directly managing your office or personal support staff.
Your ProAssistant oversees other office support staff, directs personal staff at home(s), facilitates short-term information flow to your direct reports, and acts as a single point of contact for direct reports and personal maintenance staff.
You need a trusted partner to discuss new ideas with.
Your ProAssistant acts as a sounding board when you're looking for different perspectives, recognizes the objectives of the organization, and understands the leverage you have to move in that direction.

Here are some of the companies that our ProAssistants have worked for:

One ProAssistant
Chief of Staff Oversees your personal staff
Facilitates information flow to your direct reports
Acts as a singular point of contact
Scheduler Guards your calendar
Manages your inbox
Handles administrative tasks
Personal Assistant Handles personal tasks
Personal trip research
Party & event planning
Strategic Advisor Understands organizational objectives
Identifies leverage points
Provide viewpoints on candidates to marketing plans
Project Manager Manages ongoing projects
Organizes business events
Provides you status updates

Work with a ProAssistant that is a true extension of you and your team.

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